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Take your career on a new path

At Cayne Crossing we help our clients navigate some of the most important decisions of their professional life. They deserve the best from us, and we are building the team to deliver.

Flexibility matters

We founded Cayne Crossing to build the lifestyle we wanted. We put our families first, like to vacation, have no time for commutes, and have no patience for wasteful meetings. We are remote-only but communicate frequently and focus our work time on one goal: ensuring the best experience for our clients. The M&A world requires flexibility and agility, but it doesn’t require all of your time.

Entrepreneurial focus

Our clients are an entrepreneurial group that take risks most could never imagine. They drive the business world forward and are the lifeblood of new opportunities. Providing them with the information and confidence for thoughtful risk taking is central to what we do. Internally, we adapt and make decisions quickly, always seeking a better way. Your ideas are welcomed and there is no “way things are done”. We just get better every day.

Learning never stops

M&A is complex and the challenges our clients face are more than just accounting and finance, they are cross-functional. We have developed a strong training program to guide you through the basics. Our investments are a key learning ground to improve our ability to see future problems and creatively address issues. No matter the challenge, you will always have the support of our highly experienced team.

We are currently hiring Transaction Advisory professionals at the Senior Associate, Vice President and Director levels in full-time or part-time roles.


  • 3+ years of accounting and finance experience (preferably an audit background)

  • 1+ years of transaction advisory experience

  • Desire to work on SMB transactions with $1 to $30M in revenue

  • Part-time or Full-time opportunity in a remote only work environment

  • Competitive production-centric compensation

  • Opportunity to invest in SMB transactions, buy a business, or transition into a CFO role


Reach out to us at if you are ready to take your career on a new path.

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