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Sloppy Hills


Too often, diligence teams are inexperienced, approach Sellers as an adversary, and do not consider alternative solutions to issues that could kill the deal.  Cayne Crossing’s team has decades of experience working with diverse Target management teams to fully understand the accounting and business drivers so that our clients can properly consider their investment.

Solutions focused

We have experience selling and buying businesses and understand the pain of a broken deal

  • Put issues into the proper context

  • Formulate creative structuring solutions

  • You invest heavily in your diligence team’s knowledge of the business. Make sure they can advise across the transaction.

Positive extension of your team

The diligence teams that you release on a Seller are a direct reflection on you.

  • Treat the Seller as a partner working together to get a deal done

  • Respond in a timely manner

  • Build a positive relationship with the Seller

Reduced friction

Our team is focused on the lower middle market which often provides unique financial environments.

  • Small businesses often lack good accounting and financial reporting processes

  • Technology and templates that are easy to navigate

  • Perform relevant analysis that is not burdensome on the Seller

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