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Partner for Entrepreneurs

At Cayne Crossing, we are uniquely positioned in the small business merger & acquisition environment.  From performing financial due diligence (quality of earnings) on hundreds of companies, to owning and investing alongside driven business operators, we work with clients to mitigate deal risk and provide financial strategy & support to ensure long-term success.

Our Services

M&A expertise in the Lower middle market

Buy-side diligence / Quality of earnings

Our team has decades of experience providing financial due diligence (quality or earnings analysis) across a wide range of industries for PE firms, corporations, BDCs, and individuals.

Searchers /
Search funds

As small business owners and investors, we partner with entrepreneurs seeking a business to acquire by mitigating deal risk, investing in the business and provide financial strategy & support to ensure long-term success.


We work with business owners to understand their options as they consider selling their business and can provide sell-side due diligence services to ensure a more efficient diligence process. 

Fractional CFO

We specialize in analyzing and communicating financial information. Our services build upon the unique understanding of the business we gain during due diligence and allow operators and investors to make quality decisions.

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