Mountain Range

Common Questions

How do I know if I am a good candidate to partner with you?

The short answer is that you do not until we get to know each other. We will be partnering in a business for potentially many years. We will need to establish trust and learn as much as we can from one another as soon as possible. Ultimately, we want someone driven, hard-working, entrepreneurial, and good at managing people. You might not i) have enough capital yet to buy a business, ii) understand how to buy a business, or iii) know accounting/finance, but that is where we come in to help.

What experience does Cayne Crossing have to assist me with buying a business?

We have worked on over 500 acquisitions throughout our careers. Understanding the financial results of the Company and identifying any irregularities, financial or otherwise, is paramount in deciding whether or not to pursue a Company and for what price. Further, we have a large network of professionals we can call on should there be unique circumstances in the business so that you, the owner and investor, can invest your money more wisely. We are also business owners ourselves and have been through this process before and can assist with the many facets along the way. If you have bought a house, the diligence and complexity around buying a business is exponentially more will need assistance to make a great investment.

After I own a business, how can Cayne Crossing assist me as a joint owner?

As CPAs and CFAs, we are adept at analyzing financial statements and financial analyses, as well as assisting to ensure the Company’s financials are fairly stated. Having sound financial statements provides much more confidence to your bank, customers, vendors, and you as an owner. Additionally, we can assist in building out management reporting tools that drive the decisions of the Company. Think of us as an out-sourced part-time CFO that has invested alongside you for the long haul....we want the investment to grow as much as you do.

Will Cayne Crossing take a majority ownership stake in the business?

No. We want you to own the majority of the business and operate it. Further, with SBA restrictions, we are limited to the amount of ownership we can have if you are obtaining a SBA loan.

What is the long-term strategy of partnering with Cayne Crossing?

Our objectives will be aligned with yours. Ideally, we grow the business together and it continues to produce long-term returns for each of us. However, if you wish to grow the business through acquisitions along the way with the goal of selling in 3-7 years, we will support you. 

How do you get paid? 

You will receive a salary and bonus from the business that is comparable to market rates for a general manager/operator for that position. Further, you will receive cash as an owner pending the free cash flow of the Company subject to ownership allocations, debt payments, etc. 

How much money is Cayne Crossing willing to invest?

Typically, we would invest equity of $100,000 to $500,000, but we have flexibility. Other financing arrangements can be procured including buyer notes, other loans, etc. 

What advantages do you have? 

We have a vast array of resources and experiences that you can utilize including: cash flow modeling, CFO advisory services, access to a wide network of business owners and professionals, due diligence and support for add-on acquisitions, tax strategies and experience with a wide variety of compensation plans, etc. 

How do we get paid? 

We get paid in three ways: i) from a return on our equity depending on the amount of free cash flow; ii) in the event of a sale of the business or our ownership interest; and iii) fees for services. 

What if one of us wants out of the business?

Our agreement will allow for us to exit the business if we are not a fit for one another. 

What industries are ideal?

We have been involved in almost every industry in our careers and are open to most. However, we prefer manufacturing, business or consumer services and distribution.